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What are the best smart home upgrades in Scranton?

February 05, 2024
Person pressing button of smart doorbell camera

Would you like a doorbell camera that not only notifies you when a package arrives but also identifies threats and deters them? Or what about a smart thermostat that can pick up on your preferred comfort levels and adjust your home’s settings independently? These kinds of implements may have seemed implausible in the recent past but are readily available today. Explore these and additional smart home upgrades in Scranton and get inspired to design your own advanced security system.

Video doorbells in Scranton deliver a range of features

A doorbell camera in Scranton is designed to offer you a direct view of your front entry. While most models meet this basic requirement, there are more high-tech options that can take your security and convenience to greater heights. Here is a sampling of the amazing things modern video doorbells can do:

  • Discern the difference between cars, animals, packages, delivery people, and potential threats.
  • Actively discourage porch pirates with lights and sounds.
  • Offer a comprehensive 180-degree x 180-degree range of view.
  • Give you high-def resolution and night vision capability.
  • Provides the opportunity to see but also talk with visitors using bi-directional audio.

Many outdoor surveillance systems also include features like advanced processing to distinguish threats and active crime prevention to frighten off lurkers. You may also define the specific areas you want the surveillance equipment to safeguard, helping to reduce false alarms. And you can tap into the video feed whenever you want, straight from your mobile app.

Integrated home safety alarms offer another layer of protection

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are essential to protect your home’s occupants against established household threats. But what if you could include these tools into your home security system and link them to 24-hour monitoring agents? It’s now possible! When one of your safety devices trips, your monitoring experts will know instantly. They will confirm the alarm and can reach out to emergency services while you concentrate on getting your family members to safety.

Smart thermostats offer money savings and convenience to Scranton

Do you have your thermostat at the same setting all the time, whether you are home or not? The days of squandering precious energy are over. By integrating a smart thermostat, you can enjoy a device that updates settings automatically by learning your tendencies and your whereabouts. If you’re off site, it will alter the temp correspondingly. If you’d like to stay in command of your heating and cooling levels, you can adjust your equipment whenever you desire and from wherever you are with your cell phone app.

Keyless smart locks offer many advantages

A valuable smart home upgrade in Scranton, smart door locks are a critical element of your comprehensive system. You can set them to secure at specified times each and every night so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. You may even designate individual codes for loved ones and relatives, so you know for certain who's accessing your home. Short-term codes can be programmed for service technicians or neighbors. For enhanced safety, you can program locks to automatically open whenever a safety alarm trips, providing a quicker departure from your property.

Call Vivint to obtain the top smart home upgrades in Scranton

You can get all of these smart home upgrades in one cohesive system by contacting the home security experts at Vivint. Our advanced components will bring an enhanced level of safety and convenience to your home. Call (570) 775-5689 today to start planning your smart system.